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FGCL Pitching Performance Assessment - 6/16/24

FGCL Pitching Performance Assessment - 6/16/24

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Elevate your softball pitching skills with a specialized assessment opportunity exclusively for FGCL pitchers. Join us at the FGCL venue for a session tailored to enhance your performance on the mound. This unique event, led by Ryker Chason from OGX, offers you a detailed analysis of your pitching mechanics and pitch dynamics, providing personalized insights to refine your game.

Date: June 16, 2024
Location: On-Site at the FGCL
Coach: Ryker Chason from OGX
Who: Exclusively for FGCL Pitchers

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Movement Assessment: Get a detailed breakdown of your pitching mechanics to enhance your delivery.
  • Full Ball-Flight Capture: Utilize advanced technology to analyze your pitches comprehensively.
  • Custom OGX Report: Receive a personalized report with actionable insights tailored to your pitching style.
  • Post-Assessment Perks: Gain access to specially discounted OGX training programs and products.


  • Tailored Improvement: Pinpoint your strengths and areas for enhancement to boost your pitching performance.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Understand your unique pitch profile with our advanced analytics.
  • Expert Feedback: Receive personalized advice from Ryker Chason.
  • Continued Development Opportunities: Enjoy exclusive discounts on further OGX training designed to elevate your game.

Additionally, the data gathered during your assessment can be shared with collegiate coaches to aid in your recruitment and development process.

Book Your Spot: This is an invaluable opportunity for FGCL pitchers seeking to elevate their game and/or attract collegiate attention. Don't miss out on this chance to gain an edge with on-the-road access to OGX's elite pitcher assessments brought to you. Ideal for pitchers committed to reaching the next level.

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